Transforming performance as you see on your dashboard real time! 

DevOps Toolkits 

Bridging PMU and TSU, our DSS Team of business experts, data analytics and product developers engage clients upscaling their market potentials to gain better positioning in emerging market opportunity and growth. 

Our TRACTION aims toward paperless reporting, lean production and efficient logistic for business units in staying connected and competitive inclusively within regional ecosystems.

Digitalized business processes in warehousing software and inventory technologies are getting essential in generating accurate market intelligence for investors. We have now proven the business case of valuating trade experience and recreating signifcant benefits, savings companies from internal costs on downstream production, operation and supply chain expenses.  Literally, actual data and reports in your palm. 

Analytics Architecture

1. Integrated Data Management System

2. Spatial / Statistical Data Mining

3. Analytics Dashboard


Geospatial Analytics Processor

GAP is a suite of Field Service Management (FSM) platform and applications appropriate to support small business enterprises (8-15 active users) with primary task of retrieving field based datasets. 

Our various clients use this application to enhance main operation for scheduling work, dispatching technicians, tracking employee activities, tracing mobile vehicles, and integrating with sales inventory, monitoring in-bound and out-bound orders, and other business systems 

Implemented suite in supply chain and logistic providers provided real-time control in inventory and product distribution ensuring timely delivery and identifying emerging customer bases and localized service coverage. 


Manage ANalytics and TRacking Indices

MANTRI is a business intelligence suite appropriate to support Small and Medium Enterprise (<10 active users) develop their resource management and financial structure. 

Robust, efficient, and higher level of easeness to use have been the key features offered through MANTRI enabling translation of transactional use of resources (asset) into cashflow management (equity). 

Our numbers of Start-Ups clients mainly benefit from MANTRI features through visualization of processing raw material, production  line, tracking product on supply chain and finally capable to create consolidated financial or fundamental statements on monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.


Interactive Modeling of Policy Analysis for Change Tools 

IMPACT is a suite of data collection and reporting system, designed to provide local government units and agencies (10-15 specialists) with primary assignment of monitoring regional policies and regulation. 

Our local clients use mobile application embedded into their current data system to support quick decision making through digital processes as visualized on navigating dashboards. 

System applied in transportation sector has helped agencies to map out patterns in traffic distribution and re-orient planning system (TOD) into creating effective hubs where integration of multimode are possible; bus, bikes, commuter train, and pedestrian.