Environmental Sustainability Governance

TRACTION-Training, Accountability, Transformation, Networking module include functions of Planning, Organizing, Actuating and Controlling (POAC) bundled into various Work Packages i.e Organizational capacity, Strategic Partnerships, Performance Management, Market Feasibility Analysis.

Program Design and Planning (PDP)

  • Management of project portfolio oriented to achievement of outcomes, quality of engagement, timeliness of delivery and cost effectiveness

  • Streamlining Project Audit and Appraisals, Need assessment, baseline studies, rapid assessment

  • Selection of appropriate resources including skilled manpower, materials, equipment

Consulting and Advisory (C&A)

We bring experienced pool of experts and practioners into capacity development workshops to counsel, select and promote appropriate methodologies and instrument prior, during and after implementation.

Strings of C&A understood as a continuous and holistic process to respond market opportunities. In project management context, ‘capacity’ refers to the capability of people, organizations and societies to drive and manage their own sustainable development process, and adapt to changing conditions.

C&A Framework is instrumental in developing solution base that effectively accesses and manages data to strengthen strategic planning, budgeting, procurement, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of client organization's portfolios of projects, activities and operations.

Portfolio Monitoring & Evaluation Methods

  • Data Analytics Board (DAB) : We work with you to create monitoring dashboards to implement and manage specific solutions based on analytics indicators tailored to your programmatic activities.

  • PROJECTION : As-Is and To-Be Analysis: documenting your automated business fundamentals on temporal, intermittent and comprehensive financial performance at each stage activities, and developing lean metrics for a successful future process.

  • BEHAVIORAL : Incorporate current trends on market size and strategic value-driven demands against product/service supplies, inventory, and stocktaking.

Strategic Value Creation Leverage Data driven Organized Performance Tools Results Efficiency Growth Competitive Partnership Continuity Visibility Dashboard Time-Critical Execution Tactical Robust Prudent Collaboration