Our agile TSU team comprised of multi-disciplinary, well trained and certified pool of engineers and experts, hardware installers, data scientists, delivering customized products and technical solutions to your project specific needs.

We offer technical assistance to implementing units, general contractors, sub-contractors, client & subsidiaries through capacity development, transfer knowledge, technical modules, workshop, and coordination hub at all times during implementation.

On daily basis, our techs and specialists cook assessment data, design/modelling, computational analytics and evident based research related to social, cultural, environmental and or technical aspect pertaining to the project implementation, methodologies, and applications.

EIS - Asses - Analytics - Assist

Scope of Work

  1. Consultancy and Advisory:

    • Environmental Management System

    • Environmental Policy Impact Monitoring Tools : IMPACT

  2. Training, Assessment & Analytics:

    • Environmental Technology, Application and Development; tools and dashboard

    • Renewable energy system design and implementation

  3. Technical Assistance:

    • Clean production; chemical usage, energy efficiency, emission/waste reduction

    • WASH, Water Sanitation system; Develop-to-Schedule, Pre-Fabrication, EPC

ETS - Design- Build-to-Schedule

Scope of Work

  1. Consultancy: estate market analysis, technical assessment, PDP, Cost Estimation, BoQ

  2. Design: Detailed Engineering Design, architectural design /structure drawings

  3. Procurement : physical building & structure, Pre-Fabricated modular component/sub-component