Pagar Hijau is not your traditional asset firm,

We are pushing our TRACTION-Training, Accountability, Transformation, Networking out to social media to engage further business communities and emerging urban economies outside Java region.

BILD, Business Innovation for Low Emission Development

That way, BILDers of millennial generation are able to capitalize the essential innovation and exponential growth taking place at local level.

Pressing inflation, rising fast-moving commodity prices, while at BILD, an interactive tech platform we have developed, fits the need for both active product and project developers seeking to enhance cost-efficiency through circular flow of material.

The idea is to help the incoming young enterpreneur-in-residence; to diversify portfolio and upscale business operation within 10 different sectors.

Responding to expedite business impact of pandemic, central government has used massive financial aids and subsidized programs to prevent the economy from crashing.

We are commending an alternative, that is subsidy should be re-focused into strategic downstream industries to developing their energy efficiencies, upscale output capacity and multiply jobs created at closest Industrial Estate (Kawasan Industri) in North Sulawesi, Bali, NTT, West Papua, and Papua.

BILD helps us to gauge those green investments and their implied operational risk and inefficiencies that are being localized across industrial fields, as referenced on KBLI (Indonesia Standard Industrial Classification).

Register now and join us and other BILDers in delivering ESG impact investment on the 2030 Agenda.

BILD DevOps employs approach and principles of Sustainable Development Goals, Low Emission Development Strategy, Environmental-Social-Governance (ESG) investment, and Market Intelligence.

We operate with other business players to address a variety of factors that hinder the achievement of productivity and identify key enabling conditions in the agricultural sector, industry & trade, construction and production tools and equipment.

Since designing a livelihood project, we have evaluated that governing impactful local investment e.g market cap inefficiencies, must aim to double the units produced, in order to effectively balance the associated internal costs.

Thus, local market will directly benefit not only from low commodity prices, but increased digital access to greater regional distribution of recycled materials, processed goods and services.

BILD targets economic development in eastern Indonesia where requires large upfront costs, long payback times, extensive land use and high levies for transferring appropriate technology. From PoV of regional potential resources, KPI related to distribution of domestic investment in the business ecosystem, at the city level, showed a sporadic impact, as well as limited financial capacity of central and regional governments. E.g (APB Papua, APBD East Nusa Tenggara) and the numbers of direct placement of experts on productive sector.

Aligning to recent connectivity, logistics efficiency, and availability of basic infra services and demographic growth in medium-sized cities, BILD platform reveals emerging opportunities on key economic cluster growth, including:

  • Groups of raw material products and household consumption; Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs) and innovative services

  • Numbers of newly formed SMEs especially in agriculture, industry & trade, construction and production tools and equipment.

Given such strong community structures on the region and background of socio-preneurship, our Webinar & Workshop Series (WWS) are designed to address local innovations through empowerment of human capital resources with direct impact to increasing median regional productivity (PDB) and enhancing local competitiveness in respect to circular economy.

• Localization of centers and activities for processing raw materials: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refurbish, and Renew

• Reduce dependence on supply of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods from other regions

• Strengthen network, market access and sales scale of strategic and niche commodities

• Reduce carbon emissions, energy conversion, and water consumption

Project Investment Partnerships

  • Project Investment $50,000 < $250,000.
  • Project tenure 12-36 months
  • Direct client / beneficiery ownership
  • Hands-on service, rapid assistance
  • Real tangible outputs and visible impact on cash-to-cash
  • Targetting digital market penetration, improved process efficiency & business growth performance
  • Incremental capital savings, reduced liabilities


PO Macker & Co Indonesia
IG @macker.official

Part of Pagar Hijau Group, Macker & Co is Indonesia’s artisan product sourcing company. Macker & Co oversees global trade & business partnerships, focuses on industrial goods and artisan crafts. Established in November 2019, Macker Co ventures high quality and wide assortment artisan products.

Macker & Co Industries curated B2B market platform that sustains circular, inclusive and digital ecosystem, for industrial players up-scaling businesses from artisanal crafts to fast-moving goods.

Macker & Co divided its business into two business units, online retail (B2C) and manufacturing focused business unit (B2B). The digital unit office is located in Sleman, Yogyakarta carries business development services for local artisan products. The Packaging Storage & Containerization (PSC) unit, Mambay Depot serving bulk order operates in Jayapura, Papua. All the merchandises are distributed online.

  • Project Investment > $500,000. Syndicated PE, Loan, Retail Investment
  • Project tenure 12-60 months
  • Direct client / beneficiery ownership
  • BIM/Lean Construction, rapid assistance to Highest-Best-Use asset
  • Real property outputs and visible impact on cashflow performance
  • Targetting increased property/asset valuation


PT. Swasti Agung Group (Swasti) is a recycling company with over 9 years of experience processing graded material for polymer industries. The company design, develop and operate an integrated Waste Management facility. As a social enterprise, Swasti's objective is to clean waste in the local community by adding value to trash and create new sort of waste economy.

Swasti aims to become a professional material recovery industry in Indonesia and help local stakeholders tackle solid waste issues closer to source and away from landfills.

Swasti makes its goal possible through continued innovations in utilizing practical, economic and suitable technology that converts solid waste into usable secondary material, in a reverse supply chain.

Here's our start up point with #SWASTI, taking stock of plastic from infamous #bantargebang location, assessing technical QC toward Diesel 51 fuel grade. And being optimist, to our best judgment, it passes Euro 4 standard.

"Recycling technology to processing polymer waste into intermediate material IS not an issue. That's here and we're on it now, 2021. The further we go into supply chains, and recycle away from landfills, the better quality we take into our processing systems, and definitely the better products we are able to deliver out to our clients." Nico Hadisubroto, DIV EIS, Integrated Waste Management Advisor

Rio Residence Property

A Limited Partner of Pagar Hijau Group, Rio Residence Property (Brand-Rio Respro) acquires, manages and develops real estate portfolio focusing on value creation and ESG investing.

Company mission is to expand market access and strategies for private and institutional investors to contribute directly to selected funds and real estate in smart cities development projects in Yogyakarta, Manado and Sarbagita (agglomeration cities).

RR daily operation provides an end-to-end construction management for residential class assets, leading Project Management Consultant-Contractor-Developer, servicing craftsman living quarters, Cluster, Villa, Bungalows.