About us

Pagarhijau Group is an independent firm focused on environmental, sustainability and governance consulting for institutional investors. To-date, our unbundled boutique grew in network and expertise through strategic partnerships. By project, we offer sponsored investment delivering eco-designs, and practical concepts through BILD Funds platform, Business Innovation for Low Emission Development -- using digital analytics to validate value transfer and execute green investment portfolio.

Who do we work with?

Our Partners represent public institutions, international development agencies, multinational enterprises, NGOs, academic communities, family offices, and fast-growing local start-up clients. With our technical assistance in development sector, we have a unique understanding of the complex project management issues at any steps of project preparation, implementation, M&E executed in Indonesia. We engage through the lens of cultural sensitivities at regional level and provide the local expertise, analytics, insights, and network. 

Founder/CEORio Wicaksono, Indonesian Citizen, was born in Yogyakarta in 1984.  He holds a master degree in Environmental Management from Christian Albrecht-University, Kiel Germany and Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies from St. Cloud State University, Minnesota, USA.  Rio has 15+ years of experience in Government (both as technical expert and advisor), regional economic and market research, business development as well as environmental policies. He also manages Macker Co and Rio Residence Property. Previously, he served as Advisor for Sustainable Urban Transport at GIZ (2014-2015). Regional Economy & Good Governance Expert at Yogyakarta Special Region (2011-2013) and has held technical positions at NGO and LGU. Rio started his environmental career as intern at PT. Freeport Indonesia in 2003.