Our Purpose & Values

At Pagarhijau, we bring the powerful, actionable, specific industrial insights

to program your future strategic decisions.

Post-pandemic, the way we work and organizational culture have changed our circular economic landscape. We watched closely looming inflation, energy shortage, declining production of daily consumer product, and disruption in supply chain in-and-out Indonesia. Many partners we work with, be they small or big organizations are finding ways to re-purpose and re-orient growth,

And so do we.

We help you streamline capital strategies into smaller, high performance, localized projects.

Investing to Save Money

We support you simplify business processes at multiple stages; from production to delivery points.

Innovating to Save Time

Social engineering

Team Collaboration

Professional Integrity

Market Forces


We feel a responsibility to pursue common cause and purpose

We elaborate project design to delivery with clear priorities across unit and function

We set clear and direct communication, all units working towards the same project goal

We support the work of each colleagues and challenge each other to bring our best work afront.

We recognize that each of us has unique potentials and sets of skills to execute projects

We operate to highest ethical standards, and we take seriously our role as innovation integrator-for consulting industry.

We are active research based, fact-finding partners, asking smart inquiries to unlock opportunities and build relationships.

We exchange market knowledge freely to our partners

We drive long-term commitment in terms of capital investment to tackle market efficiencies to support, stabilize, and sustain emerging market growth.

We have transparent ownership, auditable, and seamless reporting mechanismto our exclusive holding partners

We promote data analytics that build our core business partnerships