About Pagar Hijau Group

PAGAR HIJAU Group is an independent firm focused on environmental, sustainability and governance consulting for regional institutional investors. To-date, our unbundled boutique grew in network and expertise through project based Partnership Management. By project, we offer services packages delivering eco-designs, practical and innovative business concepts -- using digital analytics to validate and execute investment portfolio

We operate in the good spirit of collaboration, sharing integrity, common cause, support social engineering and human resources. Our various digital products and methods are tailored specific to client's strategies.


To deliver high value projects through consulting, data analytics and training, in the management and technical consulting industry.


The go-to consulting organization for project management


PHG’s business model is based on two key principles :

  1. Transparency

  2. Market Impact

Transparency: PHG is committed to accountability and transparency at all levels. PHG shares information with its stakeholders at a level that is unprecedented in the consulting and project services industry.

Market Impact: PHG has developed a pragmatic and scalable version of the market oriented analytics to ensure effective platform components are configured into specific industry need, maximising market impact through local resource network.