ETS Team comprised of certified civil engineers, experienced builders and BIM managers delivering quality work packages from composing technical drawings to building physical, fully functional structure, EPC contracts. Most of bundled WPs are financed through black chip project pipelines.

Arrays of eco-designs reflect our boutique signature work and value integrity in planning phase. We integrate most of local nature elements into residential and commercial landscape.

Pagar Hijau Group main recipe in Build-to-Schedule projects takes industrial-grade material to ensure performance longevity in building system and its life-cycle. This speaks volume to our PM/construction management where paying a little more upfront in construction can save huge costs and headaches down the road.

Residential Housing

Rio Residencia Portfolio comprises of Home Improvement Work Packages. 1 storey house structure, efficient land use, multi-functionalities, low carbon footprint. Material combinations of timber, bamboo, stone, clay & concrete.

Design & Exterior: family homes, urban townhomes, tropical villa

  • Modern kitchenworks

  • Exterior Facade & Landscape

  • Water & Sanitation System

Urban townhomes

Commercial Building

Contemporer Housing Work Packages. Compact design living quarters. Multiple storeys building. Modern & dynamic interior. Energy efficient lighting & security system. Large material selections of steel, aluminum, timber stone, clay & concrete.

Design & Exterior: condominium/hotel, micro apartments, dormitory, bachelor quarters, hospital, nursing homes

  • Exterior facade & Landscape

  • Urban & Peri-Urban Drainage system

  • Communal WASH System

Eco Design / Architecture, Material Logistic

PIU PM/Civil Engineer Infrastructure/Building

PIU PM/Architect/ EPC

PIU Civil Engineer Infrastructure/ Home Improvement

Eco Designs Facade